This site had been designed and developed by Christian Lheureux. Oh, well, and then ?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, would have been possible without many friendly contributions :

  • Color scheme, graphic chart, plentiful design advice and an artistic sense well above average, at least mine : Alicia Lheureux.
  • Template : 002065 by AS Templates, which we heavily edited. Not sure the authors of the original template would recognize their work !
  • CMS : This site is powered by Joomla!, a very flexible CMS, relatively easy to learn, with an impressively rich library of extensions.
  • Maps : all maps use Google Maps base maps, heavily enhanced with Zh Google Map, a very flexible and feature-rich Joomla! extension, allowing to zoom in and out, show points of interest, draw itineraries, showcase information about this or that, and so on.
  • Pictures : this site contains about 11,000 pictures, most of them made by Marie-Christine Lheureux.

A big, big thank you to all of you !