Who are we ?

I have been a United States enthusiast since my early childhood, at a time when the President's name was Lyndon B. Johnson. Since 1979, I have been crisscrossing the United States up and down, North to South, Atlantic to Pacific, for both business and private purposes. I have discovered cities big and small, parks, roads, very famous and little-known places. And, thanks to a taste for jump-starting an impromptu conversation out of thin air with anyone, all the time and everywhere, I have gradually begun to know Americans, in all their sensitivities, their diversity, their countless contradictions, too.

Since 1996 and our first family trip to Florida, we have been sharing this passion as a couple. Marie-Christine brings along her artistic sensitivity and her photographic eye. As a matter of fact, she shot the vast majority of the 11,000 or so pictures on this site.

When the IT world, with had more than decently fed me for three decades, no longer wanted me, I chose to take the big leap and make a living out of my passion. Since late 2016, I have been a fully-registered organizer of custom trips to the United States. There are now two Passion USA sites :

us flag 512This site,which showcases our trips since 2010. At this moment, there are 4 : 2017 - The South (writing in progress), 2015 - Southwestern USA, 2013 - The East Coast and 2010 - The American West.

logo passion usa v2Passion USA's corporate site, which showcases our offerings : custom trips, attended circuits, private tours.

With two sites dedicated to our common passion for the United States and the Americans, we have more than enough to share. You want to know a little more about us ? The contact form is here for you.

Welcome on board. We wish you the nicest trip with us.

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