Wednesday, May 29, 2013 : From Boston to Bangor


We begin this third and final day in Boston with a visit to the JFK Museum and Library.


JFK's desk


It is very well documented, very accurate, very interesting. The temporary exhibit about the Cuban missile crisis is outstanding. It seems we were much closer to WWIII than I previously thought.


We then make our second visit to the USS Constitution frigate. This time, we see it from the inside. I enjoy our guide's peculiar sense of humor.


The House with Seven Gables


We make our next stop in Salem, famous for its witches. Speaking of witchcraft, what seems to be quite pervasive is the music of cash registers. There are finally few genuine landmarks of this troubled era, and lots of all-purpose business acumen.


We hit I-95 again and, during a refueling, I have the surprise to see a 1977 Corvette in perfect condition.


We arrive in Bangor after dark, with a cold and wet weather. The hotel is very nice, and the hostess greets us with a warm welcome.