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Hello and welcome to our site dedicated to the United States of America. You live there, you've been there, you'll soon go there, or you dream about going there, this site is for you !


In the next pages, we show you our trips to the USA, our roadmaps, the places we have visited, thousands of pictures and lots of historical and practical information. At this moment, three trips are available : Southwestern USA in summer 2015, the East Coast in spring 2013, and the American West in August 2010. Hopefully more will come later on. This site is only starting, it will grow. Your suggestions and contributions are welcome.


We are neither a tour operator nor a travel agency. We are just highly dedicated individuals, with no other ambition than to share with you our passion for this beautiful country and its wonders. So, while we're making our best effort to regularly check the information we publish here, we can't guarantee it.


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We hope you will enjoy the site, and we wish you an excellent visit.

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