2017 - The South
September 18 to October 13
New Orleans to Miami

2015 - Southwestern USA
August 27 to September 25
Dallas to Dallas

2013 - The East Coast
May 23 to June 14
New York City to New York City

2010 - The American West
August 7 to 31st
San Francisco to San Francisco

Thursday, August 27, 2015 : The Big Start !

A plane that leaves on time and arrives 25 minutes early deserves a mention.


At the airport, no Mustang. We get a Camaro instead. Well, let's keep it !


Camaro RS Convertible

Camaro RS Convertible


The first drive is short, 75 miles from the airport to Mineral Wells, TX. Not much to see here, we just want to get a little off Dallas-Fort Worth, to cut on mileage tomorrow.


Because tomorrow, we already cross a state line. We will be in New Mexico.


Best Western Mineral Wells, TX

Best Western Mineral Wells, TX


The weather is a bit misty, but that's the heat. In fact, the temperature is 101°F (38°C). That bodes well for the next few days !