Tuesday, September 1, 2015 : Durango & Silverton railroad, ATV, Mesa Verde

This day is fully dedicated to the Durango & Silverton Railroad, a tourist attraction directly inherited from a former mining railway.


Very logically, we hop on the bus to Silverton, where we are welcomed by Ben, our guide for the ATV ride.

ATV river crossing, Silverton, CO

ATV river crossing


The ATV ride begins roughly for Marie, who suffers a painful back-ache behind me. Things get immediately better for her when she climbs beside Ben, on a much more comfortable ATV. I go on with the twin-seater, very physical to drive, but quite some fun.


The ride takes us to the moutains surrounding Silverton, where we discover superb landscapes and the remains of former mining operations, with a taste of ghost towns. We then make a short pause for lunch.


Then we ride back to Silverton, in time for boarding our train back to Durango.

Durango & Silverton railroad

Durango & Silverton Railroad


It is a genuine late-19th century railroad, at the time used to haul silver and gold ore to the valley. Mines being long gone, the railroad, after a nasty decline, became a tourist attraction in the 1980s. It is worth the trip.


Then we take our Camaro to Mesa Verde, arriving there at sunset, just for dinner.