Saturday, September 5, 2015 : Canyonlands, The Needles

We are spending the whole day visiting Canyonlands, a park we already know a part of.


Canyonland, The Needles

Canyonlands, The Needles


The Needles, the second part of Canyonlands we visit, takes its name from many needle-shaped sandstone formations, cracked by freezing, then sculpted by erosion.


Canyonlands is a park where we walk a lot. Shunning too long trails, we focus on four shorter hikes, which allow us to experience various landscapes of the park. We see a canyon (OK, a small one ...), poodles left over after recent rain, and many landscapes that would not look out of place in a western movie.


Canyonlands, Elephant Hill

Canyonlands, Elephant Hill


One of our walks takes us to Elephant Hill, only accessible after 3 miles of unpaved road. From the base, nothing reveals an animal. It's only after climbing out of the canyon where we started from that we can see the elephant-shaped hill. This trail is relatively strenuous, its start is quite steep.


We will make more discoveries in Canyonlands, including an abandoned cow-boy settlement sheltered under a rock.


Then we leave the park, quite satisfied to have avoided the storm, which finally catches us up little before our arrival in Blanding.