Monday, September 14, 2015 : Apache Trail

Rather than taking the direct way from Phoenix to Tucson, we spend most of the day on the Apache Trail, a route opened around the turn of last century, to ship materials, equipment and workers to the construction site of Roosevelt Dam, about 60 miles east of Phoenix.


Since then, it has become a nice little road in the midst of an outstandingly wild scenery, with numerous points of interest.

Saloon in Goldfield, Arizona

Saloon in Goldfield


Our first stop is in Goldfield, a ghost town on the site of a long-abandoned gold mine. Houses are made of wood and look genuine, more than in Calico, which we visited 5 years ago. Of course, inside shops, business retains its prevalence.


There is even a bordello, ironically located very close to the church, probably for the common redemption of its residents and their customers.

Museum in Tortilla Flat

Museum at Tortilla Flat


We make many stops on the Apache Trail, including one at Tortilla Flat, a large city very proud of its 6 residents, not one more ! Tortilla Flat is made of a saloon, a general store and a small museum, installed in the former school.


Apache Trail is a 3- to 4-hour drive and 44 miles, half of which are unpaved, but in a quite decent condition at the time of our visit.


The Trail ends up at Roosevelt (Theodore, not Franklin) Dam, at its time the largest masonry dam in the world.


We conveniently wrap up the day in the swimming pool at our hotel in Tucson. At times, the temperature reached 123°F.