Thursday, May 14, 2015 : Interactive maps

Hello all !

At last, all interactive maps are now available ! You will find :


  • Points of interest : visits, hotels, parks, attractions, gas stations,
  • Routes, with one color for drive, one color for walk, one color for public transport, and so on,
  • Street view : click an icon, and you will get a real-life picture of the place,
  • And many useful information : phone numbers, web links, etc.


I have also enhanced the readability of the roadmaps.


Next steps :

  • More information on our next trip, August 27 to September 24 (we're preparing it ...),
  • And more information on the maps, more points of interest, and a more readable site (hopefully ...).


Please share your comments, they will be addressed.


Take care, an have a nice visit.