Friday, November 21, 2014 : Southwestern USA, Episode 2

Four months without a single update on the site, what's happening ?


Between my parents' health issues (the situation is far from settled, but more or less under control) and a few already fully booked hotels (yes !), we had to postpone our trip by a few months. It is now rescheduled between August 27 and September 25, 2015. Well, that is if no other illness inadvertently strikes my loved ones.


What's more, Google Maps, which I had been using ever since this site has maps, did me a very nasty surprise, by changing its software version. Without going into detail, let's say that the new Google Maps has way less features than the old one, and does not allow me to show you decent roadmaps. I spent three weeks testing lots of alternatives, and I eventually chose Zh Google Maps, a Joomla! extension that uses only Google Maps' base maps and address database, which work well, and adds placemarks, routes, pictures, and all other nice map-enhancing features. I already redesigned two maps, there are still 104 to go. It's quite a big job, but the result should be nice. Who knows, it might even end up a blessing in disguise.


You may watch our Summer 2015 roadmap by clicking on the map below.


Summer 2015 - Southwestern USA


This revised roadmap pretty much looks like the old one, except that it goes the other way round, so that we better enjoy the Colorado mountains in late August, and perhaps get slightly less hot in the Sonora desert (Tucson, AZ) in mid-September.


We will keep you informed about what comes next, hoping it does not take four months again.


Stay tuned !