Monday, July 14, 2014 : Interactive maps, August 2010, the American West


Hi all !

As I did for our Spring 2013 East Coast trip, I have recreated the maps of our August 2010 trip in the American West in interactive Google Maps format. There is one large map for the whole trip, and one smaller map for each day.


Each map can be accessed by clicking the "Roadmap" button, as shown :



Those maps use Google Maps features, including the zoom, which can be accessed with your mouse thumbwheel, or with the upper left scrollbar, as shown :



Each map has its own roadbook, which describes the day's itinerary. It can be accessed with the upper right vertical scrollbar, as shown :



And if, after playing with the maps, you are lost, you can come back to the starting position by clicking on this little button, here in the upper left corner :



I also replaced Google Maps default icons with the date at which we arrived at each place. Here is an example with Las Vegas, on August 16 :



Next step : hopefully our Spring 2015 trip.


Enjoy !