Thursday, June 13, 2013 : New York, Museum of the Moving Image, JFK


It is our last day in Ney York City. We spend it at the museum of the Moving Image. I had never heard of that museum. Marie discovered it while preparing our trip.


We are very wise to choose a closed place to visit. When we exit the subway in Queens, it is raining cats and dogs !


Color TV camera from the 50s


True to its name, this museum exhibits all sorts of animated images : film and TV, of course, but also video clips, games, commercials ... everything. Seen from afar, it may look slightly confusing, but it is interesting anyway. There is even a display to remind visitors that the scopitone, a French invention of the sixties, is the ancestor of video clips.


A carefully restored subway station



It is time to get back to Manhattan. We take the subway again, to hop on the bus that will take us to JFK. Steinway Street station has been carefully restored. What a contrast with the derelict subway I first saw in the late seventies !


Tonight is our flight back to Paris Orly.