Monday, June 10, 2013 : Washington


Once more, the weather is not too promising this morning. We nevertheless go to Washington.


The Capitol Dome


We stroll on the Mall, this large lawn that crosses all the center of Washington, like a very wide avenue. Each side of the Mall is lined with museums, Government buildings and various memorials.


At one end of the Mall is Lincoln Memorial, which we have seen yesterday. At the other end is the Capitol, seat of Congress. Behind the Capitol is the Supreme Court, which we will extensively visit, including the room where the nine Justices hold their audiences. It is surprising and welcome that, in a country so obsessed with security, we have been able to enter such a sensitive building. What a contrast with the disappointing Pentagon !



The White House, under the rain


After the Supreme Court, we attempt to enter the Capitol, but we quickly give up. We walk up to the White House but, as we are nearing it, we are soaked to the bone by a storm of biblical proportions. We snap a few pictures anyway, but they look a bit pale.


Looking for shelter, we visit the Air and Space Museum. We watch a very interesting 3D movie about Hubble space telescope.


Desperate for better weather, we go back to our hotel.