Sunday, June 9, 2013 : Arlington, Washington


We spend this day visiting Arlington and Washington. We leave our car at the hotel and use public transportation.



John Fitzgerald Kennedy


We visit the famous Arlington military cemetery, where, among so many anonymous heroes, famous people have been laid to rest, including the four Kennedy brothers. The 35th President is the second.


Arlington was also General Lee's residence. We visit his mansion, which enjoys a nice view on the Potomac and Washington.




We then walk in Washington, visiting memorials dedicated to various personalities who have made their way into history : Presidents, of course (Lincoln, Roosevelt Jefferson), but also George Mason, who inspired the Declaration of Independence, and Martin Luther King.


We end this day at the Pentagon but, since 9/11, the site is off-limits. Not only is it closed to visits, but the general public is carefully kept at bay. Even the 9/11 Memorial is at some distance of the main building.


As the sun is setting, we make our way back to the hotel.