Friday, June 7, 2013 : Williamsburg


This morning, weather is horrible. Well, this may have something to do with our being right in the way of tropical storm Andrea. This day is rainy, period. This will not prevent us from visiting Williamsburg, the capital city of colonial Virginia.


The Governor's meeting room

Williamsburg has been patiently rebuilt, in no small part with the financial contribution of the Rockefeller Foundation.


About thirty buildings are available for visit, including the Capitol, the seat of colonial government. We can see the room where the Governor, representative of the King of England, held the meetings with the appointed members of the Council. The elected members held their own meetings in a separate room, and arbitration was worked out in yet another room in between.


We also see various craftsmen at work, all in costumes. It is very representative of life in the 18th century, immediately before the Revolutionary War.


The Governor's palace


The Governors's Palace is also open for visit, and our guide is an outstandingly skilled person, also in costume. Her comment is very detailed, and her answers to my questions are highly detailed.


It is still raining at the end of our visit. So we head back to our hotel in Richmond.