2017 - The South
September 18 to October 13
New Orleans to Miami

2015 - Southwestern USA
August 27 to September 25
Dallas to Dallas

2013 - The East Coast
May 23 to June 14
New York City to New York City

2010 - The American West
August 7 to 31st
San Francisco to San Francisco

Thursday, June 6, 2013: Monticello, Richmond


This morning, the weather is a perfect disaster. This does not prevent us from visiting Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's, the third President of the United states, plantation.


Nice house, Mr Jefferson !


The estate was a more or less self-sufficient large plantation. There, Jefferson grew fruit, and made cider and beer. He even had installed a nail workshop !


The house is large and nice, but without any useless luxury. Its famous owner had other interests, like politics, of course, litterature, sciences, astronomy, and many more.


Richmond, the White House


We spend the afternoon in Richmond, the Confederate capital. The Museum of the Confederacy is very interesting. It tells a lot about the Civil War, of course, but also about the lives of both soldiers and civilians during the conflict.


The days ends up with a visit of the White House, President Jefferson Davis' residence. Our guide is competent and funny, and his speech detailed and very lively.