Tuesday, June 4, 2013 : Lancaster, the Amish country


Good news, yesterday's alert with the camera was false. But now, it is the website that has a technical problem, and that is why you have had no updates for three days.


The bug is now fixed, so let's get back to our daily pace.


Amish farmhouse. No electricity, no phone


During the afternoon, after a long drive, we cross the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, homeland of the Amish. This population has preserved their traditional way of life, although they are fully integrated with their environment. Houses have neither electricity nor phones, and religious practice is strictly enforced.



The Amish favorite vehicle


The only available vehicles are buggies, like the one on the picture, or handheld scooters. Bikes, and of course automobiles, are absolutely prohibited by the rule.


Oddly enough, the Amish population is not closed on itself. The Amish who are not farmers may be carpenters, craftsmen, masons, and they may work for "the English", as they say. Some (possibly from a less rigorous obedience) may even make a living from trade with the visitors.


Tonight, our hotel is an old Victorian house converted into a bed-and-breakfast.