Monday, June 3, 2013 : Niagara Falls


The day begins early, with a long stretch of highway. Contrary to last night's forecast, the weather is not too good. Fortunately, it will become much better immediately before we arrive.


Niagara, American Falls


Niagara Falls are still as impressive and as beautiful. I can't possibly get bored with that show, although I now have seen it three times.



Niagara, Horseshoe Falls


We begin by the trip on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that gets as close as it can to the base of the fall, for the delight of visitors whose expectation is to get absolutely drenched. The raincoat supplied by staff is no luxury !


Then we walk around the park. Besides the boat trip, it also boasts two short walks to the base of the falls, and a very interesting film about the legend of the falls, from the first Natives to the the present day.


At the very end of the visit, our photo camera refuses to work, and we have to use the iPhones. If it has taken humidity during the visit, it is very worrying.


We will take care of this tomorrow morning.