Sunday, June 2, 2013 : From Plymouth to Saratoga Springs


When we planned our trip, this day was supposed to be quiet. In fact, it will end up much richer than originally forecast.


Lost River


We begin by visiting Lost River, an attraction composed of a narrow river in a spectacular gorge, some walk on wooden trestles, and a few (limited ...) athletic performances in caves where it's better not to be claustrophobic. The path ends up with a presentation of local plant and tree species. It's very interesting,and very well done.


Then we begin our hunt for covered bridges. We end up seeing four, including one undergoing renovation. Those bridges have been covered mostly to protect very sensitive internal wooden structures from snow and ice.


We then make a stop at Ben and Jerry's ice factory. We will not visit the factory, time is running short.


Lake George


After a storm of biblical proportions, we drive for a while along Lake Champlain. Too bad that the weather has remained cloudy. We will have more luck a little later at Lake George, clouds have begun to tear apart.


When we make it to Saratoga Springs, the weather is much better. We have dinner in a nice and expensive restaurant.


Tomorrow, we see one of the world's wonders.