Saturday, June 1, 2013: The White Mountains, Mount Washington


This day's weather looks beautiful. Good news, because we intend to spend the day outdoors.


The Presidents Range, seen from Mount Washington


We climb up Mount Washington, 6288 ft, with the cog train. It is the highest point in New Hampshire and, from up there, the view is absolutely stunning. The local curiosity is the Presidents Range : each summit carries, by order of height and election year, the name of a President : the highest summit is Mount Washington, then come Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, and so forth. There are exceptions, though : Mount Reagan is not the 40th highest summit in the range.


Brad's Bluff, a stunning view of the valley below


We proceed by driving around Mount Washington on its north, then on its east. We make a long stop at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center, in the White Mountains Forest, for some hiking. At the top of the Liebeskind Loop, in theory accessible to all but in reality slightly more complicated, we enjoy this stunning view of the valley below us. This one was very well deserved !


The sky has gotten very cloudy, and the trek to Crystal Cascades ends under some rain. Too bad, the scenery was beautiful.


We drive Kancamagus Highway, a beautiful road thats winds along a river and a gorge, with some spectacular scenic views. This road has to be cruised, not speeded, to enjoy it as long as you can.


Tomorrow we leave New Hampshire for Vermont and New York.