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September 18 to October 13
New Orleans to Miami

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August 27 to September 25
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May 23 to June 14
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August 7 to 31st
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013 : Boston Freedom Trail


It is our second day in Boston, almost entirely devoted to history.


Freedom Trail


We spend most of the day walking the Freedom Trail, the red line that crosses Boston, linking most Revolution-era historical landmarks in a city that is not short on them.


We begin at Bunker Hill. The English eventually won the battle, but only after tremendous losses. We then see, among many others, Paul Revere's house. Paul Revere was the Revolution's messenger, playing a role similar to France's Gambetta.


Faneuil Hall, where the spirit of the Revolution was born


We also visit Faneuil Hall, this multi-purpose building, half market, half meeting hall. This is where the spirit of the Revolution began to warm up quite seriously agains the unfair tax policy wrought upon the locals by the occupying power. In a way, it plays a role similar to France's Jeu de Paume.


We end the Freedom Trail at the Boston Common, which was not always the nice, well-tended park it is today. In the 17th century, the great privilege was to be allowed to use it as a pasture for your cattle !


We spend a long moment at the Skywalk Observatory, a 700-feet high viewpoint above Boston and its vicinity. The audioguide is very detailed, and we enjoyed the two videos.


That day would not have been complete without a decent dinner, in a nice Italian restaurant.