Friday, May 24, 2013 : New York City


Let's begin with the disappointments.


The first one, which we knew about before we left, is that Ellis Island and Liberty Island, severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, are off-limits to visits. The boat stops very close, but we can't get on the islands.


The second one, which was absolutely unanticipated, is the weather : it's grey, cold, cloudy, really messy, with a few showers at the end of the day. And it's supposed to be the end of May !


Liberty enlightening the World


Anyway, we have a nice walk criss-crossing Lower Manhattan, a part of the city I did not know extensively, with the exception of Ground Zero.


Freedom Tower


Everything has changed, at Ground Zero. The gaping hole of 10 years ago has been replaced by a new 9/11 Memorial garden. Two reflecting pools represent the former Twin Towers, and the Freedom Tower, almost complete and absolutely beautiful, now hovers above the city.


We also visited the New York Transit Museum, and another museum devoted to Native Americans.


No wonder we're kind of tired, back at the hotel. Jetlag is not entirely absorbed, and we've walked more than 7 miles !


Talk to you tomorrow !