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Friday, September 25, 2015 : Back to France


Our flight is eventless. It took of on time, and we have every reason to assume it will land on time, or even slightly early. No turbulence, nothing to mention.


After the meal, we attempt to cheat boredom with films, games, well, everything this flight has to offer. And believe it or not, we even try to sleep a little.


Sunrise above North Atlantic

Sunrise above North Atlantic


But sleeping in a plane remains a genuine feat. So we take pictures. This one shows the very early stages of sunrise above North Atlantic. At the altitude we are flying, weather is always bright.


Very cloudy weather above Europe

Very cloudy weather above Europe


The closer to Europe we fly, the cloudier the sky is turning. And above France, we cross a few really thick layers of clouds immediately before landing.


We then find ourselves back in our home country which, let's face it honestly, we did not really miss too much during those four weeks. But we are very glad to find ourselves back at home.


I know, I say the same at the end of each trip, but what the heck ... If you want to leave again someday, you have to come home one day.


This is the conclusion of a very, very beautiful trip. We very patiently tailor-made this one, step by step, visit after visit, down to the most minute details. You will never, ever, find this trip in a tour operator's catalog. Unless I am the tour operator.


This is the next story I will tell you about.

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