A Texas-shaped morning waffle ... Only in Texas !
John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, Dallas
John F. Kennedy Memorial, Dallas
John F. Kennedy Memorial, Dallas
Dallas County Courthouse
Texas Schoolbook Depository, where Oswald was posted
First gunshot impact, Elm St, Dallas
Exact place of attack, Elm St
Dealey Plaza, Dallas
Colonnade, Dealey Plaza
Exact place of fatal gunshot, Elm St
Plaque on Texas Schoolbok Depository
I'm showing the exact place where the President was killed
Dealey Plaza representation
John F. Kennedy Memorial plaque
Commerce St, Dallas
Commerce St, Dallas
Lee Harvey Oswald's landlady's grand-daughter and me
Not too wide, Oswald's bedroom !
JFK's death certificate
Lee Harvey Oswald's last residence
Place where Oswald killed a policeman
Texas Theatre, where Oswald was arrested
Oswald couple's house
The famous picture of Oswald with his rifle
Oswald's picture at the exact place it was taken
Back in downtown Dallas
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Waiting for boarding
Return flight