Tuesday, September 22, 2015 : Langtry, San Antonio


roadmap us mark 4 5 us Today is a long day on the road. Little by little, desert yields to prairie and agricultural land. No doubt, we are back into civilization.
attractions us mark 5 5 us Langtry is a very interesting visit about an ill-known point of Wild West history. We love San Antonio, a really beautiful city, especially the Riverwalk, crammed with tourists but a true green oasis in the middle of the city.
weather us mark 5 5 us Really great weather all day long.
hotel us mark 4 5 us Our hotel is a La Quinta, in absolute compliance with the chain's standards. We have dinner at Texas Land and Cattle, packed and noisy, but where food is tasty and great.

mark 18 20 us

A nice day, with a few visits anyway.
  favorite us The sound-and-lights show at San Fernando's Cathedral in San Antonio deserves a special mention, especially since we found it by total chance.