Monday, September 21, 2015 : Big Bend National Park


roadmap us mark 5 5 us Not much driving, today. Mountains, desert and Rio Grande, this day's scenery has more than enough to leave the most bored ones absolutely flabbergasted.
attractions us mark 5 5 us Big Bend is rich with fauna, flora, landscapes and history. A really great visit, to do again sometime.
weather us mark 4 5 us A day with really great weather, with hardly a few drops late at night.
hotel us mark 3 5 us Chisos Mountain Lodge and its restaurant logically obtain the same mark as yesterday.

mark 17 20 us

A really great day of hiking and visits.
  favorite us The three does gently grazing along Lost Mine Trail while we were walking pretty close deserve this special mention. They were a mere 30 ft. from us, tops.