Saturday, September 19,  2015 : Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mountains


roadmap us mark 4 5 us Beautiful Southern prairie  and Guadalupe Mountains landscapes, unfortunately spoiled by ugly weather.
attractions us mark 5 5 us Carlsbad Caverns are awesome and I lack words to describe their surreal beauty. Fortunately, Marie works like a pro with her camera. Except the visitor center and its nice orientation film, we do not see much of beautiful Guadalupe Mountains.
weather us mark 1 5 us Pouring rain all day long. Good thing that we had the great idea to visit caves !
hotel us mark 2 5 us The Econo Lodge in Van Horn is not that bad according to its category. The next day, breakfast is really basic. We have dinner in a typical Texan meat restaurant, where food is great, but pervasive weapons concealed-carry leaves us a strange feeling of unease.

mark 12 20 us

A day spoiled by awful weather. Not so bad for Carlsbad Caverns, a disaster for Guadalupe Mountains.
  favorite us My special mention goes to the ranger on duty at Guadalupe Mountains visitor center, who takes all her time to chat with us. Needless to say, considering the weather outside, the poor lady is far from overworked !