Friday, September 18, 2015 : White Sands National Monument


roadmap us mark 5 5 us First Chihuahuan Desert, then mountains and Lincoln Forest, before more prairie with sparse grass before Carlsbad. Diverse landscape all day long. Great !
attractions us mark 5 5 us Just one visit, but what a visit ! Gypsum dunes at White Sands are a challenge to geology as well as to man's understanding. Both stunning and gorgeous.
weather us mark 4 5 us Great weather during most of the day, fortunately. An otherworldly storm just after our arrival in Carlsbad.
hotel us mark 4 5 us Sleep Inn in Carlsbad is our first hotel of this chain, and it's a really good surprise. I enjoy its indoor pool. We have dinner in a very basic but cool neighborhood pizzeria.

mark 18 20 us

Yet another warm day on Deep South roads, with a special mention for the lunar beauty of White Sands.
  favorite us Two special mentions today. First one goes to the indoor pool at Sleep Inn, highly welcome considering the pouring rain outside. Second one goes to this neighborhood pizzeria, quite basic, totally outside tourist circuits, whose only extraordinary feature is its clientele of ordinary families.