Monday, September 14, 2015 : Apache Trail


roadmap us mark 5 5 us The beautiful scenery along Apache Trail is a delight for the eye : dry hills, cacti, rocks and, on top of it, gorgeous Roosevelt Lake, and the near-desert before Tucson.
attractions us mark 5 5 us Many very diverse stops today : history at Goldfiled and Tortilla Flat, natural landscapes all along Apache Trail, Apache Lake, Roosevelt Dam, Roosevelt Lake. More than enough to keep us busy for the day !
weather us mark 5 5 us Dream-like weather. Nothing to add, nothing to remove.
hotel us mark 3 5 us Right in the heart of Tucson, Best Western Royal Sun has for it a very convenient location, and against it a very noisy neighborhood. Its restaurant has yesteryear's roadside diners' charm ... and is in dire need of a new coat of paint.

mark 18 20 us

We drive thru this day at our own pace, kind of relaxed. Really great.
  favorite us 123°F (52°C) on our Camaro's thermometer early in the afternoon. Record broken !