From Sedona to Phoenix, AZ


Roadbook :

Around Sedona : 37 mi., 1 hr 30 mins

  • From hotel to Cathedral Rock pullout : AZ-179, Back O'Beyond Rd,
  • From Cathedral Rock to Red Rock State Park : Back O'Beyond Rd, AZ-179, AZ-89A, Red Rock Loop Rd,
  • From Red Rock State Park to visitor center : Red Rock Loop Rd, AZ-89A,
  • From visitor center to Vultee Arch pullout : AZ-89A, Dry Creek Rd,
  • From Vultee Arch Pullout to Wilson Canyon : AZ-89A.

From Sedona to Phoenix, AZ : 143 mi., 2 hrs 30 mins

  • AZ-89A from Wilson Canyon to Sedona,
  • AZ-179 and I-17 to Phoenix,
  • Refill in Mayer,
  • US-60 to Mesa


Driving : 182 mi.
Walking : 5 mi.

The trail at Wilson Canyon is not fully listed in Google Maps and not displayed on the map.