Thursday, September 10, 2015 : From North Rim to Chinle


roadmap us mark 4 5 us Today was a long stretch of road, with superb scenery.
attractions us mark 3 5 us A few stops : view of Vermilion Cliffs, Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon, and the Hopi reservation. Navajo Bridge and Marble Canyon are worth the miles.
weather us mark 5 5 us Great weather all day long.
hotel us mark 4 5 us Holiday Inn Express in Chinle is really good, with a pool in a beautiful well-tended garden, and a very diverse restaurant with pretty decent prices. All the staff is Navajo, which makes a lot of sense, in the heart of Navajo Nation.

mark 16 20 us

A long drive, with a little fewer visits as usual. A little rest can't hurt !
  favorite us The does quietly crossing the road right under our hood at North Rim deserve this special mention.