Tuesday, September 8, 2015 : Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs


roadmap us mark 5 5 us Back at Horseshoe Bend, then 180 mi. in the superb scenery of Lake Powell, Vermilion Cliffs and Kaibab Forest. Gorgeous !
attractions us mark 4 5 us Horseshoe Bend again, then Upper Antelope Canyon, unfortunately crossed at double speed, a relative disappointment. Too bad, this place deserves a lot better. At North Rim, walk on Bright Angel Trail and dramatic sunset above Grand Canyon.
weather us mark 5 5 us Great weather all day long.
hotel us mark 3 5 us The bare charm of Grand Canyon Lodge at North Rim has a hard time making us forget the lack of space in bed and the very basic general comfort. The restaurant at the lodge offers great food at decent prices.

mark 17 20 us

A basically great day. Are we becoming hard to please ?
  favorite us The sunset above Grand Canyon, so beautiful I made it the background image of this site.