Wednesday, September 2, 215 : Mesa Verde National Park


roadmap-fr mark 4 5 fr Not many miles today, but a really great scenery.
attractions-fr mark 5 5 fr Mesa Verde is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its 1,500 years of history. Cliff Palace, Balcony House, Spruce Tree House belong to a list of unique pre-Colombian sites.
weather-fr mark 5 5 fr Great weather all day long.
hotel-fr mark 3 5 fr The same hotel as yesterday logically gets the same mark, for the same reasons : great location, but kind of basic relative to price.

mark 17 20 fr

A dream-like scenery, dream-like weather, highly educative visits, commented by rangers at the top of their skills. An unforgettable day !
  favorite-fr The 1960 Pontiac Bonneville 1960 in perfect condition that we saw a few times during the day. Like its owners were doing exactly our same tour !