Friday, August 28, 2015 : From Mineral Wells to Fort Sumner, NM


roadmap us mark 4 5 us A long stretch of interstate and US highway. The Camaro's GPS is after all much more user-friendly than our own Tom-Tom. Our Camaro's very efficient fuel economy is also a welcome surprise.
attractions us mark 3 5 us In Lubbock, we visit the Buddy Holly Center, a comprehensive museum dedicated to the rock star, and the cemetery where he is buried. We make it in Fort Sumner too late for the Billy The Kid Museum. Too bad ...
weather us mark 4 5 us Bright and warm all along the road, we drive with the open top. Beware of sunstroke !
hotel us mark 3 5 us Not a wide choice of hotels in Fort Sumner. We spend the night at the Super 8, very good for its category, very clean.

mark 14 20 us

An eventless day that ends up with a dinner in a typical Western Texas restaurant, where the card gleefully mixes American and Mexican food.
  favorite us Incredible for us Europeans, Lubbock Cemetery can be visited with the car !!!