Arlington National Cemetery entrance, Memorial Drive
Welcome Center main entrance
Women in Military Service for America Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington Memorial Bridge and Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument, surrounded by scaffolding
John and Jacqueline Kennedy
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
Kennedy Family gravesite and Eternal Flame
Robert Francis Kennedy, candidate in the 1968 Presidential Election
Robert Francis Kennedy
Edward Moore Kennedy, Senator of Massachusetts
Edward Moore Kennedy
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr, the elder brother
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr
Michael Musmanno, judge and officer in the U.S. Navy
Arlington House
Daniel Chappie James Jr, Air Force General
All religions are represented
Arlington National Cemetery
Changing of the Guard at the Monument of the Unknowns
Sentinel at the Monument of the Unknowns
The Monument of the Unknowns and the three graves
The Monument of the Unknowns
United States Armed Forces flags inside the museum
Changing of the Guard at the Monument of the Unknowns
Shuttle buses used for the visit
Space shuttle Challenger Memorial, January 28, 1986
Iran rescue mission Monument, April 25, 1980
Space shuttle Columbia Memorial, February 1, 2003
Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WWII
Grave of Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the designer of the plan of Washington
Washington, DC, seen from the top of Arlington Hill
Washington Monument
The Federal Capital, with the Capitol Dome in the background
Jefferson Memorial
Top of Arlington Hill and view of Washington
Living room in Arlington House, General Lee's mansion
Living room in Arlington House
Game table
Slave quarters
Slave beds
Slave quarters
Arlington House vegetable garden
Arlington House vegetable garden
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington House, seen from the base of the hill
Lincoln Memorial, seen from Arlington Memorial Bridge
The Potomac
Statues at the entrance of Arlington Memorial Bridge
Statue at the entrance of Arlington Memorial Bridge
Lincoln Memorial
Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument, seen from Lincoln Memorial
Statue of Abraham Lincoln seated, inside Lincoln Memorial
In memory of Abraham Lincoln
Gettysburg Address, carved in marble
At the place where Martin Luther King spoke in August 1963
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
From a mountain of despair ...
... a stone of hope
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jefferson Memorial, seen from the opposite side of Tidal Basin
Martin Luther King's call to oecumenism and universality
Washington Monument
Roosevelt Memorial, the Great Depression
Roosevelt Memorial, World War II
Roosevelt Memorial, World War II
Roosevelt Memorial
Roosevelt Memorial, the main fountain
Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his little dog Fala
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
Jefferson Memorial
George Mason, one of the authors of the Constitution
George Mason Memorial
George Mason
Small bird
Jefferson Memorial main entrance
Thomas Jefferson statue
Jefferson Memorial
Washington metro
The Pentagon, 9/11 Memorial
The Pentagon, seen from 9/11 Memorial
One bench for each 9/11 Pentagon victim
Washington metro