General de Gaulle pays tribute to the memory of George Washington
George and Martha Washington with two of their grandchildren
Old restrooms, at some distance from the mansion
Mount Vernon, the Potomac seen from the porch
The mansion, Potomac side
In George Washinton's times, this tree was probably very small
The Potomac
The mansion, front side view
The entrance of the mansion
Oil reserve
The smokehouse, undergoing renovation
A fire was lit here to smoke pork meat
The washhouse
House linens were washed and ironed here
Light car, used by young George Washington
Luxury car used by the mature and prominent George Washington
The stables
Martha and George Washington's graves
Martha and George Washington's mausoleum, seen from the plaza
The slave memorial
Potomac boat landing
George Washington, a visionary farmer
Infusion brewing from locally grown plants
The experimental crops
Inside the 16-sided barn
The 16-sided barn
Small slave cabin
Inside the slave cabin
Inside the slave cabin
The earliest Mount Vernon settlers were the Natives
Cattle raising
Hog raising
The large lawn, used as a bowling alley
The mansion, seen from the lawn
The experimental garden
The leisure garden
The leisure garden
Collective slave dwellings, children and women's quarters
The fireplace in the women's quarters
Between chores, women spun and weaved
The shoemaker's workshop
The shoemaker's workshop
The fireplace that warmed the greenhouse
Collective slave dwellings, men's quarters
Cage for small animals
The blacksmith at work
The blacksmith at work
The estate manager's house
Spinning and weaving room
Spinning and weaving room
Botanical garden, where exotic plants were grown
Salt reserve
Cabinet in which fishnets were stored
Gardener's house and work table
Squirrel on the parking lot at Mount Vernon