Colonial Williamsburg Capitol, the House of Burgesses meeting room
House of Burgesses meeting room
The Governor's Council meeting room
The General Tribunal, which handled crimes like treason and piracy
Colonial Williamsburg, the Capitol
Charlton's Coffee House, the owner
Colonial Williamsburg, sidewalks under the rain
Avenue of the Duke of Gloucester, Colonial Williamsburg main artery
Colonial house and empty podium
The actors showed up, but the parade has been cancelled
Chatting in front of the silversmith's shop
Silversmith at work
Locally produced silverware
Colonial houses under the rain
Colonial houses
Colonial houses
Chatting in front of a shop
Small brick house
The magazine powder reserves
The magazine gun reserves
All required equipment to supply a small army
Handguns, muskets and drums
Muskets, powder reserve and cannonballs
The magazine keeper
Justice of Peace courthouse, handling misdemeanors
The judge's office
Small meeting room, next to the judge's office
The deliberation room
The Judge of Peace
The deserted marketplace
In front of the shoemaker's workshop
Inside the shoemaker's worskhop, pieces of leather and shoe forms
The shoemaker at work
Finished shoes
Wooden house. Only the chimney is made of bricks
Play Booth open-air theater
Entrance of the Governor's Palace
The Governor's office
The house manager's office, silverware shelves
The Governor's daughter's bed, with a mosquito net
The fireplace in the Governor's bedroom
The governor's dining room
The small room where the Governor's wife's hair was made
The ballroom
While we are waiting for the shuttle, rain falls heavily
Visitor center plaza, plaques for the most generous donators