Statue of Thomas Jefferson on Monticello visitor center plaza
Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's residence, the kitchen
The shelves on which kitchenware was stored
The cook's bedroom
Corner of the cook's bedroom
The smokehouse, where meat was smoked to keep it
Monticello, front side of Thomas Jefferson's mansion
The privies, or restrooms
Under the mansion, the stables
The stables
The wine cellar
The beer cellar
Beer was bottled here
Walkway on the side of the mansion, under the rain
Thomas and Martha Jefferson's grave
Monticello Graveyard, still owned by Jefferson's descendants
South Carolina
The center of Richmond, State capital of Virginia
The Museum of the Confederacy
Charles, our guide, Marie and me
Garden between the Museum of the Confederacy and the White House
The White House, front side
Entrance of the White House
Richmond downtown