Thursday, June 6, 2013 : Monticello, Richmond


roadmap-us mark-4-5-us A short drive thru the thick forests of Virginia, then across Richmond historical center.
attractions-us mark-4-5-us At Monticello, the visit is really interesting. Too bad we do not spend that much time inside the mansion. We get a much better welcome at the White House in Richmond. The Museum of the Confederacy is highly educative.
weather-us mark-3-5-us Monticello under the rain, too bad. It gets better later in the day, and we can visit Richmond without getting wet.
hotel-us mark-3-5-us The Best Western close to Richmond Airport is quite OK, despite the renovation in the first floor and an unstable internet connection.


A day rich in historical places, slightly spoiled by rain, at least in the morning.
  favorite-us The beer lift and the toilets at Monticello : where the housemaster's genius puts itself at the service of practical sense. And our guide's sense of acting at the White House in Richmond, too.