Our hotel lobby, an Italian Renaissance village
Beautiful marble stairway
Couple at their balcony
The sitting room chandelier ... impressive !
A tribute to the workers who built the Empire State Building
Close-up on the workers
Typical midwest house
Lancaster Central Market
Horse quietly waiting for its master
Small quiet street behind Lancaster Central Market
Farm in the crountryside around Lancaster
Amish buggy and its passengers
House near Lancaster
Amish farms
Large Amish farm
Farm, barn and vegetable garden
Amish transportation to come and go to school
Young Amish on scooter
Plow and horses are used
Amish farm
Amish farm and house, the dining room
The kitchen
Ladies clothing, no buttons
I am trying the Amish hat
Parents bedroom
Hand water pump
Windmill and clothesline
Outside the Amish farm
The bread oven
Meat drying room
The barn's residents
Covered buggy
Goat amusement park
Young goat
Young goats
Barn and grain silo
Scooters at the school
Amish school, just one classroom
Willow Hill covered bridge, near the Amish Farm and Museum
Willow Hill covered bridge
Farm and grain silos near Lancaster
Amish buggy back home
Herr's Mill covered bridge
Herr's Mill covered bridge
Herr's Mill covered bridge
Amish buggy
Amish buggy
Our room at Greystone Manor
Our room at Greystone Manor
Marie in the garden at Greystone Manor
Greystone Manor
Greystone Manor entrance
Young Amish on a night out