Boston subway, red line, Braintree station
Neponset River and Boston, seen from the subway
A family of greylag geese in downtown Boston
Charlestown Bridge on Charles River
A tourist trolley
USS Cassin Young, anchored at Charlestown
18th century rope at the Maritime Museum
Government certified rope
USS Constitution
2012 Dodge Challenger
Federal Government
USS Constitution
USS Cassin Young
USS Constitution crew display
The USS Constitution's moment of glory against HMS Guerriere
USS Constitution
The bow of USS Constitution
USS Constitution, a.k.a. Old Ironsides
Boston historical center, seen from Charlestown
The stern of USS Constitution, the captain's cabin
Charlestown marina, Boston in the background
USS Cassin Young
Memorial dedicated to the crews of the 7 ships named USS Boston
Two sailors of USS Constitution
Close-up on Boston historical center
Close-up of USS Cassin Young
Safety instruction
Dry dock at Charlestown Naval Shipyard
Old muster house
Boston subway, orange line
Boston city center, next to the Aquarium
2012 Chevrolet Camaro
Our catamaran at anchor
Face view of our catamaran
Old Customs House
The cruise is starting
The old customs tower, now a luxury hotel
Boston financial district
Crossing Boston Harbor
Crossing Boston Harbor
Old sail ship
Full speed ahead !
Looking for the first whale
Minke whale
Minke whale
Minke whale diving
Minke whale
Minke whale
Here is the Minke whale again
Thar' she blows !
The North Atlantic right whale is blowing !
North Atlantic right whale
Lighthouse at the entrance of Boston Harbor
Upscale houses on Boston Harbor islands
Lighthouse at the entrance of Boston Harbor
Back toward Boston
Leisure ship in Boston Harbor
Boston Harbor
Amphibious bus
The Rings Fountain
State Street, Old State House in the back
Old State House and its famous balcony
Old State House
Old State House, Boston Massacre Site plaque
Old State House backside
Old Boston Courhouse
John Augustus, the Father of reformation in prison
Boston City Hall
Walking toward Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill, Temple Street
Houses on Temple Street
Temple Street Park, a small square between two houses
Beacon Hill, old passageway between two houses
Beacon Hill, old house with bas-relief
Beacon Hill, plumber's shop
Louisbourg Square
Louisbourg Square, genuine cobblestones
Louisbourg Square
Louisbourg Square
Louisbourg Square
Period house on Mount Vernon Street
Squirrel in the park along Charles River
Longfellow Bridge
Longfellow Bridge, on Charles River