One World Trade Center, at last under a sunny sky !
2012 Chevrolet Malibu, ours for 3 weeks
Apollo Theater, the Mecca of African-American music
Yankee Stadium
Mayflower II model
Wampanoag traditional shelter
Making a dugout boat
Inside the Wampanoag traditional house
Wampanoag house covered with bark
Making bread
Traditional crops
Inside the family house
Inside the family house
Eel River
Gate of the English settlement
Cattle raising
Small wooden house
Heating wood drying
Vegetable garden
Freely roaming chicken
Inside an English house
Fireplace in the main room
Cabinet and armor
Bread oven
Freshwater reserves
Inside an English house
Locally crafted kitchenware and basket
The main room is also used as a bedroom
No, the fire extinguisher is not that old !
The house of a richer family
Basic rake
Farm lady tending her garden
The farm lady tastes her own production
The farmer watches his plantations
Inside an English house
No glasses on the windows, just a few bars
Billy goats
Bread ovens
House of a weathy family, the first one with a cradle
House of a wealthy family, carpet on the table
Fireplace in the main room
The housemaster and me, busy talking
Fireplace shaft
Large house, separate rooms
The fort's upper floor
The English village seen from the fort
Guns on the upper floor of the fort