Thursday, May 23, 2013: Departure


It is the Big Day. As planned, we are going back to the States, this time to the East Coast. Our destination is New York City.


Our trip begins with a long wait. We have not yet taken off, and we are already one hour late.

Waiting at Orly West

Waiting at Orly West


Trying to keep myself busy during the wait, I twiddle with my phone for a while. It is the moment Marie chooses to snap a picture.


Open Skies Boeing 757

Open Skies Boeing 757


We are flying with Open Skies, British Airways low-cost subsidiary, on a Boeing 757. They must have agreements, for we really have Iberia airline tickets. Never mind ... As long as the flight is non-stop, and takes off from and comes back to Orly as planned, that's fine with us.


Open Skies / British Airways boarding pass

Boarded, at last !


In fact, Open Skies is not that low-cost. During the flight, we are provided with an iPad fully loaded with films, games, music and other entertainment, more than enough to spend eight hours. Obviously, they check we gave the iPad back before leaving the plane ...


When we take off, rain has stopped, and a clearing in the clouds allows us to briefly see our home. Then it is the ocean, where I would not want to be, considering the foam on the waves that we can see from high in the sky !


New York City yellow cab at JFK airport

New York City yellow cab at JFK


The one-hour delay before take-off is never caught up, and we land at JFK by sunset. The weather seems neither particularly good, nor particularly warm. After a quite efficient clearing of immigration and customs, we hop on a typical yellow cab.


I will soon regret not purchasing a pre-paid mobile phone card. I will miss it, later. I have two very good friends in New York City, and I really hoped to get back in touch as soon as we landed !


Then it is what I did not even dare hope for. We drive into Manhattan by Brooklyn Bridge. It is the rare non-toll access, that may help explain why. Anyway, in spite of the renovation works in progress on the bridge, I enjoy the gorgeous view !


Our hotel, the Wall Street Inn, is a very fortunate surprise. It is charming, and the welcome service is very skilled. It is an excellent choice. You will see it in pictures tomorrow.


After backing up our pictures on the site and writing a short article for the blog, it is high time to go to bed.

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