Monday, August 30, 2010 : Leaving San Francisco


It's the wee hours of the night when our limo (in fact, a minivan) picks us at the hotel.


The driver, ready to screw us, offers a flat rate, no meter. I take advantage of the situation to get a $5 rebate, no tip. He agrees.


At such an early time, there is not much traffic on the freeway, and we quickly make it to the airport. We check in for our first flight, to Dallas, TX.


We did not take any pictures in Dallas. Too bad, the airport is a city by itself. It has 5 main terminals, each about as large as the whole of CDG-2. It needs a transit system to connect all terminals. It's the typical sense of disproportion generally associated with Texas, no less.


Then we board our second flight, to Paris. Two flights on time on the same day ? Let's enjoy it ! Our stay in Texas has lasted 4 hours.

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