Saturday, August 28, 2010 : From Lake Tahoe to San Francisco


roadmap-us mark-4-5-us The drive thru the Sierra is beautiful ... and so is the arrival in San Francisco by the Golden Gate. Largely deserves the extra miles !
attractions-us mark-4-5-us The Golden Gate and its two promontories deserve a mention, and so does the very famous Chinese portico at Bush and Grant.
weather-us mark-4-5-us This time, fine weather on the Golden Gate. That's very fortunate !
hotel-us mark-5-5-us A special mention for the Summit Restaurant and Bar at Soda Springs, where we had a both plentiful and tasty breakfast. And the Nob Hill Hotel is as charming as ever.


The arrival by the Golden Gate is a last-minute decision, and the drive down Lombard Street a personal initiative, and an absolute surprise.
  favorite-us The drive down Lombard Street. As slowly as we can, of course, to enjoy it as long as possible !