Friday, August 27, 2010 : From Twin Falls, Idaho, to Kings Beach, Californie


roadmap-us mark-4-5-us A very long drive, in still beautiful landscapes. First Nevada, almost a desert, then the mountains, and finally Lake Tahoe, a beautiful view from high in the mountain.
attractions-us mark-3-5-us Not much to visit today. We watch Deep America, its gas stations, highway rest areas, trucks, Harleys ...
weather-us mark-5-5-us Excellent weather. That's fortunate for the the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe from the mountain.
hotel-us mark-1-5-us Tahoe Inn in Kings Beach is, by far, the most disappointing place of our whole trip. it is noisy, dirty, and in really bad condition. One point, because we did not have to sleep outside.


With such a disappointment at the hotel, it was useless to expect a better mark today.
  favorite-us The rest area along I-80 where we stopped after Elko, its barbecues, trucks and Harleys. And, of course, the superb view on Lake Tahoe from the mountain.