Wednesday, August 18, 2010 : From Zion to Bryce Canyon


roadmap-us mark-4-5-us A short drive, in a superb landscape. Zion, Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon and surroundings, bison, many places to see. A navigation error, too bad.
attractions-us mark-5-5-us Bryce and its red needle amphitheaters, as impressive as ever. A must see !
weather-us mark-2-5-us Highly variable weather, bright at start, then turning into a storm. Bryce Canyon in the clouds, too bad. An end-of-the-world storm during the night.
hotel-us mark-5-5-us The Bryce Canyon Bed and Breakfast Livery, a charming bed-and-breakfast in Tropic, 10 miles from Bryce, run by a very friendly couple. The next morning, a plentiful and tasty breakfast. Really deserves its price.


The gorgeous landscapes and the lodge save a day that would have otherwise been spoiled by a highly unstable weather.
  favorite-us The charm of the Bryce Canyon Bed and Breakfast Livery, and the friendliness of the couple who cooked breakfast for us at 6 a.m. Many thanks to you.