A display about the pioneers at Death Valley
At times, prospectors flocked to Death Vallley
Prospection and extraction of borax
The 20-mule teams
A very old rock ...
... in a very young valley
190 feet below sea level
9:30am, and already almost 110°F
Furnace Creek, facing the entrance of the ranch
Furnace Creek
Furnace Creek
The entrance of the hotel where we spent the night
Ford Mustang 2010
When did they water ? And with which water ?
Arrival at Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point. Wrinkles are caused by erosion
Zabriskie Point. Trace of an old dry creek
Thomas is ready for the picture
So is Alicia
Close-up on the hardened sand wrinkles
My daughter and I
Zabriskie Point. View toward the main road
Zabriskie Point
Dante's View, above the salt flats
Dante's View. View of the Devil's Golf Course and the lower road
Dante's View. View toward the north of the Valley
The mountaing facing us is 15 miles away
Walking toward the promontory
Magmatic push
Local plant
Dante's View, south view
Dante's View, north view
Badwater Salt Flats
Dante's View, view of the Valley
The end of the trail ...
The salt flats
Alicia against the blue sky
Back to the parking lot
Dante's View, the other side
The access road
Dante's View, pastel rocks
Dante's View. This is this site's main banner !
Billie Mine, a borax mine that closed in 2005
Amargosa. Water towers in bad condition
Amargosa, a village where time stands still
The hotel has vacancy
Somewhere between California et Nevada
The Joshua Tree is pervasive in the area
It's the only tree that can grow on such a dry soil
Desert vegetation
Close-up on the Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree with the mountains in the background
Arrival in Las Vegas
The Mandalay
Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip
Close-up on the Excalibur
The MGM Grand
The M&Ms store
The Strip. We're almost there !
Close-up on the New York New York
The Luxor
The foreground of the Bellagio. Gorgeous !
Arrival at the Hoover Dam, Arizona side
View of Lake Mead, quite low in mid-August
A deep canyon !
The power plant
No time difference between Arizona and Nevada
Plaque dedicated to President Hoover
The Colorado River, downstream from the dam
Highway overpass, opened in 2012
True, no time difference between Arizona and Nevada ... in summer !
Hoover Dam, 4 years of work
Water intake towers, Nevada side
These lines power most of the Southwestern USA
Angel statue, dedicated to workers who lost their lives
US-93 overpass, not yet opened at the time of our visit
The dam
Wide view of the dam
Each waterspill tunnel is 50 feet wide !
The dam, Arizona side
Back to Vegas, a limousine
The New York New York, one more time
The Strip is getting a bit crowded
Our room at the Travelodge
Coffee corner
A green Harley-Davidson
Bellagio on the left, Caesar's Palace on the right
The Paris. Like we did not expect that !
The Arch of Triumph. Hardly smaller than the real one
On the other side of the Strip, the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio
Water and light show at the Bellagio, the final scene
Inside the Flamingo. We stayed a few minutes
Police car