Last glimpse of Los Angeles, the Financial District
On Interstate 10, between Los Angeles and San Bernardino
Arrival in Calico, it's printed on the mountain !
Calico Ghost Town, here we are !
Old water tank
Town entrance
Dummies are there to protect visitors
Old cart in front of an old restaurant
Another old wagon
This town has had better days ...
Fire station
Fire station and its watchtower
Old wagon in front of the general store
The tree has grown thru the wagon !
Passenger transport
Wagon remains
Tombstone with a relevant epitaph
House in Calico. The kitchen
Sheriff's office and open-air jail
Western boots
Closed down hotel turned into an art gallery
Miners' house ruins
Trolley used to carry ore
Alicia in front of the mining company's offices
Visit of a mine gallery
Dry well
Calico little train
A few miners' tools
Derelict house
House in ruins and mine gallery entrance
Ore handling hardware
Mine gallery
View of the Mojave Desert
From the train, a view of the town
Color shades indicate ore
The assay office
Visit of the mine gallery
Helmet and pneumatic drill ... almost contemporary !
They used the chute to take out ore
Work in progress representation
The gallery is carefully supported
Some miners slept inside the mine
Gallery, trolley and miner
Gallery exit
Unstable house
From the top of the hill, a view of Calico
Calico and the Mojave Desert
Old wagon
To carry hardware, they used donkeys, much more resilient than horses
Cash registers
Vintage tools
Close-up on the vintage tools
Vintage houses on Main Street
Old-fashioned grindstone used to sharpen knives
Inside a house
Borax found near Calico !
Mojave Desert snake skin
Alicia takes a rest under the shadow
So does Thomas
Even in the middle of the desert, they have advertising boards !
Hills in the Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert
CA-127, between Baker and Shoshone
Along CA-127
Still crossing the Mojave Desert
Metal oxydes give the mountains their colors
Pastel-hued rock layers
Not much vegetation ...
Death Valley park entrance
Not the Valley yet, but it's already going down
Still not much vegetation
We can see the Valley, in the background
Let's drive down ...
And still no cloud !
Not too much traffic on that road
Gorgeous !
Another picture stop
Alicia is looking for snakes
Absolutely no human presence can be seen here
Going down into the Valley
Let's drive further
Bottom of the Valley. Stop at Ashford Mill Ruins
All that remains of the gold foundry
The story of the foundry
Visiting the ruins
Small lizard in the ruins
Not too scared by human presence ...
Back to the car
On our way toward our next stop
Devil's Golf Course
Alicia on the salt flats
Thomas and I
Salt flats
On our way to Badwater
The bottom of the Valley
The bottom of the Valley, a mix of rock and salt
Almost at Badwater
Badwater, the lowest point in the Western hemisphere
It's August 15, it's hot, everything's OK
Surrealist vision of a water pond at Badwater !
A complete ecosystem sustains itself in this hostile environment
The salt flats are 282 feet below sea level, now we're warned !
Here is the sea level
Yes, yes, up there !
Artists Drive
Artists Drive
Pastel nuances at Artists Drive
Artists Drive. Main road down on the left
Artists Drive in back-light
Artists Palette
Back to the main road
Furnace Creek Ranch, our bathroom
Our bedroom
Sunset on the Panamint Mountains
Swimming pool in the midst of palm trees