Hollywood Boulevard, Grauman's Chinese Theater,
On the foreground of the Chinese Theater, movie elite reigns
Harrison Ford
Clint Eastwood, of course !
Steven Spielberg
Gary Cooper
Meryl Streep
The Legend ... John Wayne !
The movie industry's tribute to the inventor of the first wide-screen
Humphrey Bogart
Los Angeles congratulates the promoter of the Chinese Theater
Mary Pickford, 1927. Most likely the oldest footprint
Sean Connery ... barefoot !
Steve McQueen, obviously !
Johnny Depp
Charlton Heston
Marilyn Monroe and her tiny feet
Jack Nicholson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
George Clooney
The cast of Harry Potter
Close-up on the Chinese Theater front wall
The Chinese Theater's left side
Chinese Theater, detail of the right pillar
Back to the foreground. Mel Gibson
Michael Jackson lookalikes
Wilshire Boulevard, fake ranch, real restaurant
Wilshire Boulevard, going to Westwood
The quietness in Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills
In case you did not notice, we are in Beverly Hills
Order and beauty, quietness and luxury
Burbank, Warner Studios entrance
Warner Studios, VIP Tour welcome point
Warner Studios, empty house
Tony building
Warner Studios, a quiet Saturday afternoon
Fake subway entrance
ER : Chicago transit station
ER, again. The restaurant
This backyard looks much wider than it actually is
Warner Studios, public garden
Awfully fake subway entrance
A quiet street
Little church
Upscale neighborhood
Vintage suburban house
More contemporary suburban house
The room above the ceiling is used to host technical crews
Prop shop. Bugs Bunny and friends
Prop shop
This is DIY Kingdom !
Scooby-Doo's van
Ford Torino 72, seen in Gran Torino
Batmobile, based on a Corvette C3
Harry Potter's Ford Anglia
Friends' sofa
Friends' set, again
The whole family in Friends' sofa
Bob, our guide. Thanks again !
Friends, again. The coffee corner
Paramount Studios, the last ones remaining in Hollywood
A mythical address
Paramount Studios, the main gate